Does your brand inspire your customers?

One brand loyalist created this paper art pin from what looks to be a shopping bag. There’s a logo and brand identity in there. It’s  Whole Foods Market ® (NASDAQ: WFM)

What more can you say when a customer is inspired to create art from your products? Your brand is growing in a growing market on Wall Street, and deep in the experience of your target audience.

It says your brand has identity, experience, and a culture. Loyalty is the ultimate expression.

This type of loyalty germinates from a great brand culture filled with zest, identity, aspiration and sweetspots that align with touchpoints.

It creates evangelistas at every step. Founded in Austin Texas in the 1980s, Whole Foods Market continues to expand nationally with over 300 stores as of Q1 2012.

Image Source: Uploaded by user via Elizabeth on Pinterest

What’s your experience?

Does Whole Foods Market set a new level in experiential branding and retailing? What lessons can you share for building branded relationships. Read on for my thoughts, Branded relationships in five easy lessons: Whole Foods Market (03/16/2012).

Note: this image has been posted via Pinterest with the intent of “fair use,” to promote education and discussion.