Look closely. It’s not a mistake

Some thoughts on: McDonald’s changes name to ‘Macca’s
in Australia (AdAge, Jan. 23, 2013
McDonald’s has as loyal a following down under (Australia, mate) as anywhere in the world. So, it’s only natural, that superfans call it their own, literally. It’s “Macca’s” to over 50% of the population according to research noted in AdAge. So, rather than rein in the branding, McDonald’s has done the ultimate unbranding thing imaginable to purists. They’ve recently changed signage to meet customers experience and expectations. It’s only a few stores for now — just a few more than 10 in select cities.

But it makes sense, when you think about it. After all, in every nation, McDonald’s has made adjustments to appeal to the tastes and mores of the culture they serve. By inculturating and localizing, the brand has achieved a global harmony that few can match.

What’s your opinion – is McDonald’s setting a new trend in crowdsourced loyalty and branding. Are they putting their brand empire (and intellectual property) at risk. Look forward to your comments.