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Delivering certifiably organic branded relationships

As we move closer to Web 3.0 your business (overall) needs a creative strategist with a track record of building branded marketing relationships Not just any relationships, but active relationships characterized by share of wallet, customer, mind, and experience. Most of all, they need to be scalable and measurable. That’s where EAM Creates fits in.Working with EAM Creates provides teaching moments every step along the way, through every channel and hub of your organization. Consider a combination of service options:

  • Marketing branded relationships for your enterprise
  • Teaming in-house, throughout the hub
  • Training, tutoring, and shadowing.

As an experienced adjunct instructor (NYU, 15 yrs) my teaching skills run high — as do the achievements of my students. Working with EAM Creates provides two knowledge buckets, practice and wisdom.

  • As a consultant, my services provide a unique mentoring experience to your junior team members.
  • As your expert on demand, I can close the gaps in expertise, markets, or simply calendars.
  • As a guest speaker to your company or professional organization, I can help your people develop or refresh their talents.

Consulting with EAM Creates yields mutual teaching and learning. Managing your customer ecosystem effectively — and with the greatest efficiency — enhances your enterprise overall.

Expertise rating

Rockstar, 15+ years with awards
Education, acquisition

Creative scorecard

  • Author, Elements of Direct, Interactive, and Multichannel Marketing (DMEF, 2004)
  • Author, Creative Elements of the Direct Response Message (forthcoming, 2012)

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