Engage Consumers

A content map seeds your prime engagements.

Show up in the context of life — Web 2.1.
Each point of contact engages your targeted customers with customized content they’ll want to read, listen to, bookmark, or blog about. This branded ecosystem supports pre-emptive, planned, and spontaneous conversation. Superfans may even create and manage their own patch of videos, images, discussion and conversation.

Media-wise, it’s about engagement.

It’s Web 2.1 and content powers the media plan. That’s the only way to manifest customer-driven experiences. To build Web 2.1 engagement, response, and loyalty, your marketing will consider two parts of the message:

  • Context: Does the setting anticipate the experience?
  • Content: Does the message deliver to expectations and deepen the experience?

Content may be seeded in as an ad, tweet, or Facebook posting. The result is a customized experience that delivers an intimate, precisely targeted conversation. The quantitative and qualitative yields are significant.

Marketing-wise, this means integrating the experience across platforms.

Talk directly to consumer motivators, experiences, and expectations in ways that generate measurable response. This may include:

  • Becoming a Facebook follower after reading a friend’s favorable posting;
  • Placing a phone call or sending an e-mail in response to e-mail marketing;
  • Spreading word of mouth based on an online or in-store shopping experience;
  • Using QR codes and apps to shop and pay for in-store purchases.

The quality and strength of each engagement will show in customers who are more receptive to each new message. They will self-select to the options that matter most while building trust and loyalty along the way (customer-managed relationships).

Brand-wise, this means sharing your brand with your most loyal customers.

Customers, shareholders, employees all have a stake in your brand. Every customer who comes through the sales funnel knows that and actively manages their own loyalty to your brand with every engagement. Like every capital asset, these branded marketing relationships need to be cultivated and actively managed.

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