Your ring, my copywriting

Why “sound” writing matters.

A true  storyteller listens. The result is a story of shared meaning and experience — not a word can be missed. What marks a great story? All the conversation that follows.

With roots deep in direct response and interactive marketing (see LinkedIn), my passion is to cultivate conversation in context of Web 2.1 distractions, ambitions, and aspirations.

My talents are part instinct, tested-skills, with definitely proven results. As for the basic craft of copywriting, I know, work, and heart conversational English to its full Web 2.1 potential.

Your Web 2.1 following demands content that has been scrubbed and polished, that resonates to the individual context of the moment.  This calls for precise language that:

  • Pinpoints an immediate interest as it,
  • Resonates with a deeper desire,
  • Bridges to the brand mission.

That’s no easy order. The process demands command of language (micro) that plants seeds, with a vision of  the full engagement landscape. Only by achieving this prime objective is there an opportunity to enhance the experience (macro).

What it takes to engage.

You need to be part juggler, farmer, researcher, librarian, and geek. Also be willing to herd cats. One day, working independently to develop content. Another day, teaming throughout the enterprise hub.

Flexible, Versatile, Energetic. These three personal assets help me assist market leaders in building branded marketing relationships with pinstriped private bankers, luxury fashionistas — even diehard NASCAR enthusiasts.

Expertise rating

  • Rockstar, 10+ years
  • Speciality – 360 CRM
  • Branded relationship marketing

Creative scorecard

Don’t fund your IRA (Merrill Lynch)



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