Enhance Conversations

Enrich the chat (while mining the data).

Enhancement is the open-market encounter that creates a win-win of strategy and customization. At planned and unplanned moments, your hub of loyalists may be:

  • Empowered to take action directly and blog, call, click through, or even visit a brick and mortar store. The result will be measurable and direct.
  • Energized to blog about the experience, or share a link with friends, or join a social community. The result will be measurable yet less direct.
  • Enthused to pass along the buzz about a product, campaign or event they’ve experienced directly or through peers.

The key is cultivating the experience at two levels.

First, enhance the explicit (message).

Align brand touchpoints and customer sweetspots. The result is a seamless conversation that is contextual, relevant, and responsive.

Create an experience. Make it memorable and unique! Algorithms aren’t your best sales people, human beings are. They tell stories—their own stories. It may be a problem, news, or invitation. The content of their shares matters; even more the context and the relationship. Let your brand’s voice ring clear through each personal encounter.

Second, enhance the implicit (relationship).

Step up to the touchpoints. Align your brand’s voice to today’s sweetspot. Then step back as marketing becomes a breadcrumb trail of engagement — no matter the happenstance:

  • inquiry
  • loyalty
  • rewards
  • cause support.

With a pull (vs. push), a tell vs. sell, followers will respond from those classic principles: ethos, logos, or pathos. The Web 2.0 expression extends the experience seamlessly and with the greatest transparency. Direct the community clearly of the next actions. (Yes, call to action is alive and well).  This next-level engagement prompts followers to:

  • pick up on the message,
  • make it their own, and
  • respond to the immediacy.

The circumstantial expression can be

Creating immediacy

Does your marketing talk data or chat with customers? That’s the difference between delivering a message and enhancing one. With deep roots in response-based marketing, my skill sets are prime for the job. Click on and read Your Circle, My Savvy.

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