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Creating immediacy and intimacy that yields loyalty

It begins with a triumvirate of participation, affirmation, and confirmation that flex but hold true, no matter the scale or platform. This allows your brand’s voice to resonate through it all, and your brand icon to stand out above it all. With careful listening, we’ll construct a precise, robust contact map that:

  • Reaps the influence of previous contacts,
  • Seeds the next encounter (planned or unplanned), and
  • Enhances the customer’s experience.

Depending on the context of the encounter, tone and urgency may change (micro) while the overall conversation grows richer (macro). Personalized doesn’t fully describe it. It’s personable in the best sense of the word.

With my eye and ear for written and oral language patterns, we’ll work out the best solutions for your branded community of followers. The result is a created language by and for loyalists. The goal is helping your best browsers, shoppers, and loyalist to embrace the experience, and engage each message with full intention, no distraction, and total intimacy.

With every consultation and campaign, your company becomes more efficient and robust in developing effective marketing campaigns. This can mean high-powered creative development with shorter lead time. In other words, if you want strategy, we’ve got creative juices for that.

Expertise Rating

  • Rockstar, 10+ years
  • Specialty – styling branded conversation
  • Retention, loyalty



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