Elizabeth Ardent in French Hotel, via Matchbook


Before the age of CRM, positioning, and personal branding, there were brand leaders like Elizabeth Arden. ( RDEN )In this classic photo from Matchbook, you see Arden in her key color glory. Before the age of positioning changed branding forever, Arden was a beacon. Whether it was ladies who lunched, or NOW crowders, women boldly oriented themselves to the aspirations of Elizabeth Arden, the brand, set by the CEO’s personal lifestyle and legacy.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Fragrance, via pinterest

Source: google.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest


What’s your experience of CEO’s who live their brand?

Do you think that living a brand’s values and/or culture are a brand and/or fiscal responsibility of a C-level executive? If so, which CEOs come to mind as top-performers and lag-behinds when it comes to living the brand.

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