Use an ATM card?
Then, you know the value and potential of my
creative marketing strategies.

Colleagues tell me that I have a “passion” for building branded relationships. They’re right. Engaging customers with a measurable call to action of mutual benefit is what I’ve been doing for 20+ years.

Customer Ecology™ makes the best way to describe it. It mulches direct response, brand, and social media into high-powered engagement for browsers, buyers, customers, and fans. The result is relationship marketing for a Web 2.1 world. It’s definitely win-win:

  • Highly engaged customers with improved lifetime value;
  • Significantly enhanced marketing communications; and
  • Fully empowered business process.

If this sounds like the right process for your business enterprise and most valuable relationships, click through and learn more.


Elizabeth A. McCaffrey
Creative Director, EAM Creates

P.S. Measurable success runs high in my client roster. Let’s connect on Skpe or in real life to review your needs.

P.P.S. The ATM card? My first assignment for the bank that was first on the market with 24/7 banking.

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